Very good Hospital in Burgas with super service. As a tourist you have to go to this hospital. They have a lot of capable doctors and employes, which speak good english. (Even the receptionist) If its necessary, they transfer you to a different hospital to an expert, of your illnes. Even an employe will come with you and will translate everything. Best service I ever had. If you have a health insurance, this Hospital is the best place to go. Super Krankenhaus super Service . Als Tourist unbedingt hier hingehen, Leute sprechen super Englisch. Ich habe kurzgewartet, würde dann zu einem Spezialisten per Auto transferiert und die ganze Zeit dabei war eine Angestellte die alles auf Englisch für mich übersetzt hat. Unglaublichen Service den ich noch nie erlebt habe. Wer Versichert ist muss hier hingehen in Burgas.

olli olsen

The nurses and doctors at life hospital couldn't be more helpful, particularly when you consider the language barriers. The nurses took me to each clinic as needed, the doctor Tsvyatkov spoke good English and explained my operation and booked it in the next working day. The operation was made by this doctor and he explained what he was doing. The follow up visits have also been above expectations. My Bulgarian insurance was up to date so I didn't have to pay for anything. I couldn't recommend this hospital more strongly.

Michael Brown

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Phasellus Auctor

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John Doe