Urology ward

The Urology Ward has the best and most up-to-date equipment of the Japanese company, Olympus, which includes:

  • Thunderbeat equipment– ultrasound and bipolar “scalpel” for open and laparoscopic operations; bipolar plasma resection and vaporization of  prostate gland and tumors of the urinary bladder. This equipment allows us to work larger prostate glands up to and over 100ml volume and larger tumors of the urinary bladder due to lack of time limit for the operation.
  • Flexible ureterorenoscope – Ureteroscopy is performed with a semi-rigid ureteroscope; the flexible renoscopy is performed with a flexible renoscope. Both manufactured by the Japanese company Olympos. This equipment allows entry into all kidney parts, the interventions are performed under video control and X-ray control with Olympus HD optical system with urological and laparoscopic chambers.
  • Holmium laser – latest generation of the American company for production of medical lasers “Cook Medical”. The Holmium laser is used to break the kidney stones and works with 2 types of waves – short and long waves.


  • Over the past 3 years, more than 3700 operations have been performed in the Urology Ward:

    • 1045 – ureterorenoscopies with laser lithotripsy of stones in the ureter,
    • 476 – with laser lithotripsy, of which 400 operations of stones with size over 2.5 cm,
    • 161 laparoscopic operations – radical prostatectomies, radical cysto-prostatectomy, nephrostomy, pyeloplasty and ureteroprenoplastics
  • Visiting hours

    Mon to Sun from 17:00 to 18:00h.


    There are two- and three- person rooms

    Every patient room has

    • a toilet and a shower
    • a locker for storing clothing and personal belongings
    • a TV and a WiFi connection
    • the possibility to use a landline

    You can use your own mobile phone in the patient rooms and the facilities of the ward.