Dr. Neli Ivanova

About Me:

  • Experiences:

    Neurology, EMG testing. Doppler Sonography testing

  • Contact:

    Phone: +359 89 7896793
    Email: medik@lifehospitalbg.com

Dr. Neli Ivanova


Dr. Neli Ivanova – specialist in neurology, graduated Medicine from the Medical Academy in Pleven in 2000. She obtained degree in neurology in 2011 and a certificate of Clinical Electromyography in 2013. Since September 2015 she has been working as neurologist in Life Hospital Bourgas and since 2017 he has been Ward Chief of the Neurology ward in Life Hospital Sveti Vlas. From 2019, she began working with doppler sonography to investigate extra-cranial and transcranial blood vessels. This is a method that evaluates the risk of stroke development and its timely prevention.

Takes part in studies to treat acute ischemic stroke with new anti-aggregates. She is a member of the Society of Neurologists in Bulgaria and of the EMG Society. She has participated in national congresses of neurology, EMG and pain management, and also in international congresses on modern methods for the treatment of brain strokes, polyneuropathies and others.

She has an interest in muscle diseases – hereditary and acquired myopathy; polyneuropathy; dementia; modern methods of treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and primary prophylaxis of risk factors leading to them.