Dr. Birdzhan Yozturk

About Me:

  • Experiences:

    Proctology, Abdominal surgery, Minimally invasive surgery

  • Contact:

    Phone: 056/ 87 50 50
    Email: medik@lifehospitalbg.com

Dr. Birdzhan Yozturk


Dr. Birdzhan Yozturk graduated Medicine at Trakian University in Stara Zagaro in 2000. He obtained specialty in Surgery in 2010.

He has went through different addition specialization and courses in Bulgaria and Abroad in the area of laparoscopic (minimally invasive surgery), Bloodless treatment of Hemorrhoids and anal fissure, Endoscopic and Ultrasound diagnostics

Works in the area of Proctology, Abdominal surgery and Minimally invasive surgery.

He is part of Life Hospital team since year 2007.